Here is a list of minimalist, yet stylish kitchen designs that will look great in modern houses. Let’s go and find out the kitchen remodel Boulder contractors highly recommend below: 

If you want more edgy and modern designs, you should consider having a grey kitchen with steel elements. Moreover, to sport a classy urban kitchen, grey kitchens can help make an extremely modernized area, and it always looks appealing. Moreover, incorporating stainless steel can help enhance your overall kitchen’s design even more.   

Because stainless steel can be maintained easily, utilizing this for all surfaces, appliances, and elements is an excellent idea to lessen your kitchen maintenance and upkeep. Aside from that, this minimalist design will look fabulous in your house, especially if you pair it with an all-grey kitchen.   

Smooth cabinets and built-in gas stoves  

You can keep a uniform surface while keeping up a minimalist design by having marble countertops as you build on the last point. In terms of a stovetop, think about incorporating a built-in gas stove for a continuous and smooth surface.   

Apart from that, smooth cabinets are the way to go if you want to keep up a minimalist design. From the marble’s glossy look to a polish wood’s edgy look, smooth cabinets are among the best ideas you can consider to achieve a sleek and clean look.   

Matching countertop and backsplash  

Though the matching countertop and backsplash are pretty popular in modern houses, they can amazingly work well in minimalist design. Regardless of its sleek granite or white marble, there are a lot of stylish options you can choose from to optimize your minimalist kitchen décor.   

Among the greatest minimalist design ideas for your kitchen is probably countertops and backsplash with the same materials since it can create a calm and soothing backdrop in your kitchen, which your household members can take advantage of.   

Single-colored open plan kitchen  

Because minimalist kitchens commonly emphasize open spaces and clutter-free surfaces, an open-plan kitchen is one of the best ways to add to your kitchen design.   

From sleek and smooth surfaces to handless cabinets, open plan kitchens can surely complement every home and are very stylish. Aside from that, the one color that you opt for can improve your kitchen’s minimalist appeal even more to make it look more aesthetic.  

Monochromatic kitchen with statement décor  

This kitchen idea is mainly seen in modern homes and is one of the popular minimalist kitchen styles. Though this may appear a bit generic, you can always match it up with various statement pieces and décor trends.   

As you choose elements for this look, you have to consider one of the things to opt for a subtle or neutral color palette. This way, you can keep up an unobstructed flow for the best minimalist design. Statement décor can be a great style addition to the plan. Plus, it will surely help in making a unique yet studying kitchen area.